The three cardinal rules of real estate usually go by location, location, location. When it comes to traveling, my cardinal rules go: TIMING, TIMING, TIMING. Flights to anywhere around the world can cost a portion of it's usual cost if you buy at the right time. This is all dependent on 

A. Height of the season - Off peak vs Peak

  • Off Peak will save you loads of money if you fly off, as well as less tourists, less lines, less money for hotels/airfare.
  • Peak is probably during Summer, national holidays and general breaks. Clearly Thanksgiving will be expensive.

B. Day of the Week you are flying out/in

  • Flying out on weekends / returns early week tend to be more expensive. Mid week flights are cheaper.

C. Random Reason

  • Do you watch the news? Do you read newspapers or have an app to keep you updated about world affairs? There are so many factors that can go into why plane tickets could drop at any given time. Flash Deals can occur due to weather, political dissent, legalization of certain products, changes in law etc. If you keep your eyes peeled with the world around you, you might be able to scout out some good deals.  Prices dropped for flights to Greece earlier this Summer after the economy fell into ruins, though the tourist areas were left mainly unaffected. 

D. Day you buy your flights - In advance or close to the flying date

  • Generally as a rule of thumb flights get more expensive as you get closer to the date. I try to buy at least two weeks ahead of time, though I have often bought my tickets on flash deals from websites. 

I generally use HOPPER to mark when I am going on my flight and keep a watchlist to see when flights will drop.