Backpacking Gear


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From Left to Right:

1. KEEN WATERPROOF HIKING BOOTS - These kept my feet dry throughout rain, mudslides and the rainforest. Unfortunately, they also doubled as a man repellant when I walked through cities wearing them. 

2. UNIQLO DOWN JACKET - Condensed it would roll into a little tube that I could use as a pillow for long flights or bus rides. When hiking, I would clip this on with a carabiner to dangle off my bag to save space. 

3. NORTHFACE RAIN JACKET -  I would wear this over my UNIQLO down jacket during hikes or rainy, cold temperature, also convenient due to it's small size.

4. UNDER ARMOUR BLACK ZIP UP - black, chic and warm. I was able to wear this as a layer for warmth when hiking, or as a basic jacket outside in Europe.

5. LOCK - This will come in handy for your luggage.

7. CLIP ON HAND SANITIZER - Sometimes you don't know what you're touching. 

8. SEA TO SUMMIT MICROFIBER TOWEL - small, compact and dries quickly. It's 1/3rd the size of a regular towel and dries in that amount of time too. (with no wet dog smell either) Doubled as a blanket for long bus rides and as a beach towel. 

9. WOOL HIKING SOCKS - best investment I made for my hike to Macchu Picchu. These kept my feet blister free, dry and warm, and if they get wet, your feet still stay warm.

10.SHACKE PACKES - These kept all my clothes organized and easy to access. I was able to fit three of these in my backpack.

11. OSPREY BACKPACK FARPOINT 55 with removable Daypack - I loved the removable daypack that came along with this. I was able to still use this bag as a carry on for most flights, though it is a tiny bit larger than carry on. I had no trouble getting it on board flights though, even budget airlines. I do think that I could have gone with a smaller one as there were a lot of clothes I barely wore. 

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