A N    I N T R O D U C T I O N


P L A N N I N G   O U T   Y O U R   T R I P


Here are all the things I wish I knew as I was planning my trip and all the necessary tidbits I learned along the way.  These are a result of my mistakes so that you don't have to make them. I guess you can call me a "Hero" or a "trailblazer" in that sense. No takers? No one? Anyway, read below for advice on how to get started on preparing for your trip - whether it be a month long journey or a week long trip.


What to Do When You Don't Have Enough Money to Travel

What to Do When You Don't Have The Time to Travel

What to Do When Your Friends Can't Come Along to Travel

Going Beyond Orbitz: How to Search for Cheap Flights

Finding the Right Time to Travel for Cheap

Absolute Essentials

Banking While Abroad

How to Save Money While Abroad

Safety Abroad - How to Protect Yourself and Your Belongings