C H A U   F O R   N O W



CHAUFORNOW is a travel website launched by Chau Mui in October 2015 for the millennial traveler.  

 Our readers are experienced travelers between the ages of 25-35 who are open to adventurous, new experiences but still enjoy comfort, travel short term and are social media influencers. If you could imagine a former backpacker who's settled down with a job, but travels on holiday, this would be them. Features of the site include destination guides, in depth reviews of lodging/products/food/tours, personal narratives, interviews, packing tips and booking resources. 

 Within three months of launch, CHAUFORNOW was featured as one of Packgear's "Superstar Bloggers of 2016".

The Infinity Pool at Oia, Santorini, Greece

The Infinity Pool at Oia, Santorini, Greece


Hi! I'm Chau and I'm a freelance writer and photographer based out of NYC.

 I previously worked as a Director's Agent for high profile clients in the advertising industry. I have worked all across the board with clients from small to Superbowl on television commercials. I learned my filmmaking and photography skills directly from professionals in the television production industry. I'm also trained as a Stand Up Comedian as well as an Improv Performer in NYC's Upright Citizen's Brigade. If you're looking for a unique, honest and humorous voice with an advertising background that can offer professional quality media, let's chat! 



CHAUFORNOW is a new millennial traveler website with a dedicated and growing readership.

Millennial travelers represent 20% of international travelers, annually spending over $180 Billion USD. According to Huffington Post, millennials are more likely to listen to recommendations from peers than a straightforward ad and visit on average, 38 sites, before booking a trip. CHAUFORNOW aims to reach out to this market by integrating all necessary pre booking information into one site. Readers can then read one, instead of 38 sites.

Within the first month of launch, our viewership had a whopping 1,384 unique viewers with nearly 50% of them returning visitors without the use of any advertising campaigns. Our main audience is males and females between the ages of 25-35, with 75 % of readers from the US, and Canada trailing right behind. We have seen growth generating mainly from word of mouth and direct searches into Google.  Our priority this year is growing our social media following with the implementation of the interview series "MODERN DAY EXPLORER",  a YouTube Channel and additional guides for Mexico, Brazil and the US. Other campaigns include Giveaways and Instagram Features with our partners.





SPONSORSHIP - Brands can partner with CHAUFORNOW through an affiliate program. In return, brands will receive an integrated post, logo on the sponsor banner and posts across all social media channels. Partnerships can be updated to include video integrations as well.

INTEGRATED POSTS -  Partners will be featured within a City Guide or article post. For example, read this article from my series MODERN DAY EXPLORERS with Pro Packing Cubes here. 

CONSULTATION -  I have worked with clients in the advertising industry for over 3 years, I know the best way to identify and reach your target audience. From analyzing your web site to developing marketing campaigns, I will help you with web design, professional photos and feedback.

REVIEWS - Reviews are embedded in every single one of my destination guides. If you would like to be featured please take a look at this HOTEL REVIEW from Barulho D'Agua in Brazil that included an interview and professional photographs. 

*MUSICIANS - If you've got a track that you would like to share, I'd be more than happy to include it in my posts or videos! 



CHAUFORNOW has been featured as a travel expert for sites like Where is Noodles?, WeTravel, PackGear and Regions Bank.