These are just rambling thoughts in my final days of being 26. 

Good ideas are never enough. Good intentions are never enough. Action is everything. If your friend is trying to chase a dream, please support them in any way you can. Ask questions. When I ask "how are you?" I really do mean, "HOW ARE YOU"? Tell me what's going on in your life - is your sister ok? Are you still thinking of quitting? Did you ever finish building that clock? You will never be happy with yourself. Fully. There's always more to be done, and much more to be wanted. That's ok. That's how we keep motivated. Stop being so wishy washy. People will walk all over you. Once they do - there's no turning back. It's hard to change people's opinions of you. Don't. Don't ever sacrifice who you are. It's what makes you special. Yes, it is cheesy and it is 100% percent true. I believe it whole heartedly. Unless you're a douche. In that case - check yourself. You can never be fully happy with anyone. No one is. Accept that. Stop moaning. No one wants to be around someone who is negative and complains all the time. No one is perfect, and I don't believe I'll ever be either. Please don't force your expectations on others all the time. Most of the time it will cause you more agony than the person you are forcing it on. Make friends. Be friendly and don't be afraid to lose them. Sometimes you will have an amazing connection with someone, and think those same feelings will span across countries and time but it will just fall flat. Focus on the ones that do stay. Those are the special ones. Rereading your work will always slow you down.  Just keep swimming. "Passion" is not discovered. It is earned. It is not an explosion of fireworks like on the 4th of July, but rather a long, slow burning fuse that will eventually one day, hopefully, maybe come to fruition and become lights in the sky. Everyone has a secret talent. Try to find out what it is. I take my family for granted, and resent myself for not being a better daughter, sister, niece, cousin. I love seeing my family, and have always regretted not having a larger family as a child. Now I do, and it makes me warm inside every time I see them. I think if you are home with your parents, and they are downstairs, you should urgently shout, "MOM, DAD!" When they respond, you should say, "Nothing, just wanted to say, I love you". Call your parents.  Ask your parents about their childhood. It will fascinate you. The loudest people are often the loneliest. They just want to be noticed, loved, appreciated. Try not to be defensive. Instead, ask them about their day. Give them a hug or check in with them regularly. It'll make the world of a difference.  If you are intimidated to speak to someone (generally older like a boss) - ask about their kids. Stop saying "like". Hugs are always a good way to greet and say goodbye to someone. If you lend someone a book, never expect to get it back. Think of it as sending good karma into the world. Always greet people with excitement. I believe some friendships are magical. Some people just get you, and you will love them for the rest of your life. These rare souls get you in a way that no one else does. You know who you are. Some people are meant to only be in a chapter of your life for a reason. Perhaps those friendships are no longer in your life, but know that they were in your life to shape you in some way. Remember the fond memories. One day, after enough time has gone by - write them about those times. I think it would be nice. I like to be asked about my day. My life. My going ons. My hopes and dreams. My favorite blue suede shoes. I'd like to talk about them too. I can't just be there for you. Put yourself first more often.  It's a red flag when a boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/family member doesn't ask or get to know you. Try to be a good and motivating influence in all your relationships. If a friend is feeling lazy and asks, "should I go to the gym?" Say "Yes". Please push them to chase their dreams. Please push them to call the girl. Please be good. Please. Ladies. In the workplace, speak up for yourselves. You deserve to be there. Humans, speak up for others when you see something is wrong. I hate seeing an old person stand on the train. Educate yourselves. Try reading the same article on CNN, Al Jazeera, and the Times. Surround yourself with people that motivate you. Make you laugh. That you look up to. If you're in a career where there is no superior, or someone in a role that you'd like to be like, you probably should go.  If you have a hilarious friend, tell them all the time how much they make you laugh. I bet they'll love it inside. Complain less. Find solutions. Listen to Urban Flora in the shower with a candle. It will soothe your soul. Turn off your phone, and just sit and admire the world around you. It's beautiful. These are thoughts I have right before I turn 27.