I'm incredibly excited to share a new series that I have been working on for the past few months called MODERN DAY EXPLORER. Each piece will feature an ordinary person on an extraordinary journey. I started the series because I disagree with most of the world of travel writing nowadays. It seems like traveling has become a fad. People don't travel to discover anymore, they do it to get a dozen likes on Instagram. When reading about countries, they shouldn't be condensed to a Top 10 list, sanitized and dumbed down for consumption. I want to share stories of the people who travel because for them, traveling is about discovery, for adventure, for becoming better people, for understanding the world a little better. I want to be inspired by the very people that walk these roads. 

The first of the series, is the incredible Alexis Stember Coulter, an advertising producer who has always kept her two passions of photography and travel in the forefront of her life. She is an amazing storyteller, and the type of person who makes you feel as if you can take over the world after you chat with her. I hope that you find Alexis story as inspiring and compelling as I do. Click on the image above to start reading.

Do you know of anyone with an incredible travel story? Please SUBMIT using the contact page for a chance to be featured in an upcoming piece.