So much wine, so little time.

So much wine, so little time.

You know how they say NY is the city that never sleeps? Not true. Our bars close at 4am. People in Argentina don't even hit the club till 4am. On a Tuesday.

If you didn't already know, dinner is much later basically everywhere around the world except for America + America Jr. Our dinner time (6/7) is like lunch time and our night time (10/11) is dinner time. I happened to meet up with two friends,  Melissa and Jen in Argentina - to hang out. We had been warned that partying was much, much later in Argentina, but we didn't realize just HOW MUCH that meant.

Here are some tips how to keep up with the Argentineans. (or Europeans + Latin Americans + Asians + Australias + Antarcticans)

1. DISCO NAP  (7-9PM) -  The most essential part of your planning. Grown up nap time. You'll need your energy to keep dancing till the sun rise with everyone. This happens from around 7-11pm, right after work and right before dinner.

2. DINNER (10/11PM) - Now you'll need a sufficient meal for keeping you up for the rest of the time. Restaurants are at their most packed now. You'll find it normal to see a lot of kids up this late with families at this time too. Sleep is for the WEAK.

3. PREGAME (12/1AM)  - Bar and lounge hop with friends and meet for some few cocktails, smoke a million cigarettes. 

4. THE CLUB (3AM/4AM) - You could come earlier, but it would be pretty sparse and no one would be dancing. Now is the time there are lines at the club. There are VIP sections, but clubs here tend to be a little more democratic. They have tables + seats available for anyone on a first come, first serve basis. Instead of beers, guys here buy buckets of champagne and guzzle slowly through the night, filling ladies glasses. For the most part, you'll find that people here don't get as wasted as we do. They're not like us Americans, loud and shrieking in the night, stumbling over our own pools of vomit. They're much more laid back, and don't get sloppy drunk. (generally speaking) From my observations, people were the most chill I've ever seen in a club before. 

5. MUNCHIES (6AM/7AM) - Is that sunlight I see?! Nope, just the light from the kebob stand across the street. But yes, most likely this is where you'll find drunk people munching out and shouting, standing in the streets. 

6. TAXI HOME (6:30/7:30AM) - Time to go home. And take a tiny little power nap before showering and heading off to WORK in just a few hours. Good luck trying to catch up kid.

Oh and also...totally normal for groups of men to go out together and have a bottle of wine. I found that really endearing. 

Here's a list of some of the clubs recommended to us by some locals. I didn't get a chance to see them all but if you're in the area - check them out! 

We checked out Kika. And went on TINDER to ask some locals for recommendations. Check out my article here about TINDER for travelers.