The months of October and November are perfect for traveling - school's back in session, summer's over and everyone's back in the office. If you've got a few vacation days laying around, and some gloating you've been wanting to do around the office - then plan for some of the cheapest travel of the year in good ol' US of A. 

Below are deals I found between now and early November, they're just a jumping off board to start from so get to planning! The longer you wait, the higher the price drops. I've had flights increase over $60USD overnight, so be sure to buy tickets quickly. (You can usually return flights within 24 hours without a fee - just be sure to check with your airline or purchase site)

This month I'll be taking advantage of some of these cheap deals and do some exploring of my own - so keep posted by following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! 

After reviewing prices on Hopper, be sure to visit the actual airline, Google flights and other travel search engines to scout for the lowest priced tickets. *Chase Sapphire Preferred Customers should review the Chase travel booking site to receive 3 pts per $1 for travel purchases made before Dec 31, 2015.