Nicaragua. September 10, 2014. My 25th birthday. My first solo trip. Look at that naivete! 

Nicaragua. September 10, 2014. My 25th birthday. My first solo trip. Look at that naivete! 

Hi, I'm Chau like Ciao!

I was living the typical lifestyle in NYC, my early twenties spent in all white offices, drunk brunches and flings. As my 25th birthday got closer, I realized I had nothing in my life that I was genuinely proud of. It was a quarter life crisis (chalk it up to being an angsty millennial). Suddenly, all the little things that I had never done, but always thought about gnawed away at me. I never had a "passion", and I had no idea how to figure out what mine was.

In 2015, I left. I figured it was time to do at least ONE thing on my list, and the one I wanted most was to travel (or run away. Tomato, Tomahto). I explored 12 countries, 33 cities and 5 states, traveling off a combination of savings, freelance jobs, credit card points, living at home and incredibly cheap travel. It was the first time in my life, I wasn't a piece of driftwood, but a sailboat finding it's own direction. I realized if I could travel on my own, not speaking the language, huffing up mountains and volcanos, navigating foreign city blocks and transit systems and still survive, I could do anything. 

Being away from my small world in NYC taught me to care not only about my passions, but the world around me. I've realized for myself, that searching for one passion is arbitrary. I'm passionate about many things - filmmaking, writing, traveling, comedy, telling the perfect dad joke and not being the only one to laugh at it.. The list goes on. The main thing for me is no longer finding the one singular passion, but knowing the things I like and utilizing them to build the type of life I want. The type of life I'd like to have, is one that involves travel, inspiring others and creating tangible work.  I hope that this site encourages you to discover more about yourself through your travels, and to also, be more considerate about the people and world around you. When you're halfway around the world, you realize those people breathe the same way we breathe. 

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Adventure Awaits,

Chau (Ciao!)